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Welcome from the Vicar

May I offer you a warm welcome to our Church.  I hope that you will find our site easy to use and that it will give you a true picture of who we are and what we are concerned about.  Our aim at St Peters is summed up in our ‘mission statement’; “Making dedicated followers (Disciples) of Jesus, sharing his love with all”.  

Regulars can find details of our services and events here, but if you are a newcomer then please read on...

We are constantly discovering and learning more about the God we worship. What we do know excites many of us and we long to share these discoveries with all who wish to know. We have found love, kindness and friendship with God. We have also experienced forgiveness, healing and renewed hope after personal pain and failures; this motivates us to want to love all we come into contact with, with the same quality of love we have received from God and from one another. We are learning to be a Christ centred community; a family open to all. May God bless you as you explore this Site.

Please start to explore here to begin to get a feel for the main activities and ethos of the Church.  Please also look at the Activities areas in particular.

Mike Godfrey, Vicar

Who's Who

Mike Godfrey (Vicar)

Mike Godfrey, VicarMike is in his 60’s.. Born in Norfolk. Served in the Royal Air Force and trained as a Secondary Teacher. He began taking steps to becoming a Missionary Teacher in Africa and found himself called to be a Minister in the Church of England instead! After training at St.John’s College Nottingham, he served as a Curate to Holy Trinity, Aylesbury for 3 ½ years;  5 ½ years followed in charge of a thriving daughter church in Chadderton, Oldham in Lancashire. Then 12 years as Vicar of All Saints, Woodlands, Doncaster.           

Woodlands is an  ex-mining pit village with a catalogue of social and economic problems, but with some of the finest people I have ever met. During our time there the church changed greatly. Everything was hard won. Money was always in short supply, as was confidence, leadership and vision; yet the Lord blessed us and provided wonderfully for all we needed. Prayer is central; worship is crucial, life transformation in the Spirit is what we seek. 

The past 7 years have been a great contrast; working in St Mary’s Wythall on the southern edge of Birmingham, but part of Worcestershire, with a more rural and village feel to the place. 

My background is that of a secure Christian home. I have been a disciple of Jesus Christ for something like 40 exciting years. I would say I have always known God, but He took on personality as I grew, and I had a ‘conversion’ experience during my time in the RAF. Two years later whilst training to teach I was filled with the Spirit. Over the years I have been strongly influenced by both the evangelical and charismatic streams of the Church.

I have several passions in my life; unashamedly I hope it is true that I love Jesus first, and I love to see Him work to change people’s lives. I love the Church and have been privileged to share with Christians in Uganda, Nigeria and Finland through short-term missions. For some 20 years I have been a supporter of New Wine; its values and leaders’ Network have been invaluable to my life and work. I am convinced we live in strategic and exciting, though anxious, times. This is a time for boldness and courage, and a readiness to embrace radical change.  

At St Peters’ Morley I have discovered people who share my heart and passions. My hope and ambition is that we will all become more fully the dedicated followers of Jesus Christ that our hearts aspire to.

St Peter's, Morley

We are an Anglican (Church of England) worship centre within the Anglican Morley Team of Parishes. The other churches are St Andrews, Bruntcliffe, and St Paul’s Morley.   Morley and Churwell are settled communities on the southern edge of Leeds. There are a good range of facilities, low crime and friendly, welcoming people. The area has seen much expansion of housing and facilities over the past 50 years and is likely to see a lot more in the coming years.

St Peters was built in 1830 and has seen a number of changes over its life resulting in the current building which we believe is very attractive and modern with carpets, comfortable chairs, a quality audio visual system and a coffee bar.

Our style of worship is clearly Anglican but aims to be informal, accessible and encouraging.  

We incorporate a number of exciting innovations in our services including Cafe Church.  In addition we are actively running and supporting CAP Courses

All our approaching news,  services and events can be found here or on Facebook but the general routine is as follows:

First Sunday of the month – Cafe Church ( see above).

Second and Fourth Sundays - Holy Communion. The service has a relaxed atmosphere and uses Common Worship liturgy to draw us all closer to God. We regularly use a projection screen, and this with video clips greatly enhances the worship experience.  Creche facilities are available in the main body of the church.  

Third and fifth Sundays - Morning Worship. This informal service takes various forms depending on the emphasis, for example some Sundays focus more on worship and praise and less on teaching.

Worship is led by a singing group using CD backing tracks. A small band forms to lead the monthly All Age Service. Clergy and Readers dress informally for most services.

Our address is:

St Peter's Morley

Rooms Lane


LS27 9PA

Telephone 0113 253 2052


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