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Cafe Church - Update !

Cafe Church at St Peters

Following a successful experiment we have been successfully running Cafe Church monthly for some time.  Please do come along to the next one, you may be pleasantly surprised.

. Building on our experience , the idea of Cafe Church is now a reality .

The Church Family has been marvellous for being willing to try something different.  We have developed something that we can comfortably invite people with little or no church background to, to offer them a chance to worship, learn about the Christian faith and have a great time doing it. !

The photos show the way we set up the building. There is plenty of real coffee and the smell of fresh baked scones and cakes as people arrive. Before Service starts our Worship Group sings a selection of songs. Then the programme typically goes like this:

 Welcome and Introducing Cafe Church

•Sing    ‘Come now is the time to worship’

•Learn new song: ‘Glory and Honour’ 

•Watch the Parable of the Mustard Seed 

•Work on tables together to pull out the meaning of the parable Using the sheets with three Gospel versions of the Parable try to answer these questions: 

Who is the man who sows the seed? 

What might the garden be? 

Who are the birds of the air? 

What does the parable tells about the Kingdom of God? 

There are sheets to colour and quizzes for young folks.

•Pulling it all together 

•Sing ‘Glory and honour’

•Activity Planting flower seeds to take home and watch their growth

•Prayers, finishing with the Lord’s Prayer

•Final song ‘Lord I lift your name on High’

More Coffee/tea etc is available after the service.

There is a wonderful buzz throughout. From the comments of people afterwards they thoroughly enjoy the time. It has proven relaxed, meaningful, involved everyone and fun. Please do come along to the next one.

God is Good!