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Fair Trade

At our Fair Trade stall you can purchase products at a price which reflects a fair day's earnings for the producers in 3rd world in other countries which may not otherwise get a fair day's wage.  Coffee, chocolate and many other products are available and the range is constantly being reviewed and updated.  The stall is run to break even and to provide a service for churchgoers and is open every week.  Christmas cards, craft items and other seasonal products are also available.

At the moment to be labelled Fair Trade a product must include all available Fair Trade ingredients , for example biscuits must contain fairly traded sugar, cocoa and vanilla essence, but not flour because this is not yet available.  Products which are partially fair traded, such as chocolate which uses Fair Trade cocoa but not sugar beet, are still a matter of debate. 

Please take a look at the catalogue because we will be taking orders on the last weekend of each month (24th November) but be aware that popular items do sell out early.  This year "Real" advent calendars are available as well as the Divine ones.

Further information is available at






Cap Money Course Update – Budget, Save, Spend

CAP is an initiative aimed at helping people manage their financial affairs and organise themselves where applicable out of debt in a constructive way.  Previous attendees of the course have enthused about it, saying for example "I went from feeling muddled to really positive, everyone should do this course!" 

Please come along to the next course with a friend, neighbour or relative.  The course is free of charge and you can either book online at the CAP web site, or speak to Jackie, David or Anne if in Church) or contact the office here.  Please keep checking in for details of future courses.

For further information on what CAP is about please visit or listen to our motivational speaker here

“Manage Your Money, Live Your Life”.

Christian Aid

You may remember that some time ago we held a plant sale in aid of Christian Aid.   Please read below to see the response from the results of our efforts.  Thanks everyone.


We are very fortunate in this country tin that most of us are able to count on food to survive every day.  See below to see what you can do to support those people less fortunate than ourselves in this regard.

Working with Churches Inspired by the Gospel message of hope, Christian Aid unites people from all denominations in prayer and service.  Christian Aid has a vision – an end to poverty – and believe that vision can become a reality.  St Peters and All Saints share that vision, and work with Christian Aid throughout the year towards that goal.  Christian Aid shows how, in 2012/13, it helped millions of people make that shift.

• Christian Aid played a pivotal role in the IF campaign – pushing tax justice high up on the G8 agenda and, for the first time, making tax dodging a real development issue; Christian Aid helped organise a march of 60,000 of India’s poorest people to claim their right to land; 

• Christian Aid provided emergency relief to tens of thousands of people fleeing the conflict in Syria and helped communities rebuild in the wake of flooding in the Philippines; 

• Christian Aid helped almost 1 million people get access to essential services and adopt safer health practices.

Alongside these headline successes are countless smaller but equally profound changes. These are changes that are only possible by working through local partners on the ground, partners that are precisely attuned to what their communities want and need.   This is the kind of development that sets Christian Aid apart, and it's the type of development that can finally eradicate poverty, once and for all. That is why St. Peters & All Saints do all we can to support  Morley Christian Aid Committee and local and national events to raise money/support Christian Aids aims.  Our Parish support includes:

Christian Aid Week :  

For many years we have helped with the ‘door to door’ collections that you will probably be familiar with.  Over time, we have widened the number of ways we use to raise funds and awareness; a recent Plant Sale in St Peters Church & Grounds proved particularly successful.

Special Appeals :

We help with specific emergencies that Christian Aid support.        

Christian Aid Partnership Scheme

In 2013 the parish joined with the, life changing work of one of Christian Aid’s partner organization in Palestine. This project is being run by experienced Christian Aid partners, helping give some of the world’s poorest communities power over their own lives, and a way out of poverty.  Christian Aid has secured matched funding from the European Commission for this project, on which we get regular feedback.

Christian Aid News:

We subscribe to Christian Aid News, their supporter magazine, which gives updates about their policies, people and activities as, together, we strive to bring an end to poverty.  We publicise these issues in our own Parish Magazine and leaflets.



St Peter's has strong links with the local schools and regular visits to and from the locations take place.  You can find out about the local schools if you are new to the area by clicking here for Morley Victoria Primary School, here for Asquith Primary School and here for Churwell Primary School.

St George's Crypt

St George’s Crypt in Leeds is a Christian charity which has been working to providing hope and support for the hundreds who access the charity’s services every week since the founder Don Robins first opened the doors in 1930 and welcomed people into the Crypt.
It has a new voucher scheme to help those who are homeless or vulnerable in Leeds.
Members of the public are given the opportunity to buy vouchers for £1 from their local supermarkets, libraries or churches.
The tagline for the vouchers is “Give me some credit”. This relates to the stories on the vouchers and the money each is worth.
When passing someone in need you are able to give them a voucher. The voucher is exchanged at St George’s Crypt for either a meal and shower or a meal at one of the Crypt’s cafes.
The Crypt’s Director of Fundraising and PR, Martin Patterson, said  “It is hoped that when the vouchers are exchanged at the Crypt, it will also encourage people to ask to speak to one of our trained staff about housing options.”
Councillor Peter Green, Leeds City Council executive board member with responsibility for neighbourhoods, planning support services said: “The new voucher scheme will give people who want the opportunity to help the homeless a chance to do so and know that their money is being used to get a meal and help the individual concerned.”
He added: “It is also a key way for staff at the Crypt to get the chance to speak to vulnerable and homeless people and offer advice and information about housing options.”
More information can be found at


TWAM is a UK based charity which endeavours to collect tools such as hammers, typewriters, garden equipment, and many others for use by workers in the 3rd world to encourage self-sufficiency in skills and education,  reducing reliance on Western Aid.  Last year the generous folk of Morley supported our efforts to gather equipment for the charity such that one long based transit van was crammed with useful equipment ! (thanks Morley)



During September & October 2014 we shall be collecting more tools that you are happy to donate. They will be refurbished & packed into tool kits to help people in Africa learn a skill & earn a living. Please keep them at home for the moment, we will tell you more nearer the time.


All types of Hand Tools:


MOTOR MECHANICS including trolley jacks and ramps







KNITTING MACHINES please make sure they are complete








MEN’S BIKES (not racing bikes)



Note they cannot accept, glass jars, gas bottles, electric hedgecutters or lawnmowers

Find out more about TWAM here