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Baptisms and Thanksgivings

on the birth of your child!


Why consider a Baptism or Thanksgiving service ?

Different people have different things in mind when they ask for a christening for their child.  ·To some it’s a way of giving a baby a good start in life; 

·Others think it’s about naming the baby properly;  some see it as a way of getting the family together for a party to welcome the new baby;  for some it simply feels like ‘the right thing to do’ because they themselves were christened;  for some it’s about having the baby blessed;   for some it’s a vital way of introducing their baby to the faith which they hold and the church to which they belong..

Which of these is closest to what you are looking for? 

The answer to that question may help you to decide what sort of service to have, because you have a choice. In the service book there isn’t  a service of christening at all.

We offer two options for the service-Thanksgiving and Baptism:


Is about welcoming a child into your family and asking for God’s blessing.  This will happen in a family service. No parental preparation required. ‘Supporting Friends’ commit themselves to your child and your family.  No requirements for parents or Supporting Friends.


Is about welcoming a person (child or adult) into the church. Part of a normal Sunday service, when the rest of the congregation can welcome the child with a choice of service.  Preparation involves coming to church and a visit from a church member.  Godparents and parents commit themselves to helping the child to take an active part in the church.  One parent at least must be baptised. Godparents must all be baptised and should also have been confirmed.  Contact us at for more information about the two services, and for answers to some common questions.

You can also find out more at:




Weddings are marvellous occasions to share in a couple’s open and public commitment to each other in the sight of Almighty God and to seek his blessing on their whole lives.

Getting Married at St. Peter’s and All Saints

By choosing to get married in church you are doing more than simply ‘booking a venue’—you are choosing to celebrate your marriage within a Christian act of worship. 

St. Peter’s is a popular wedding venue,  a re-ordered interior with comfortable, modern seating and modernised audio-visual facilities  and we are always happy to speak to anyone about what getting married in church involves.  We can provide level access, hearing loops and large print hymnbooks at both churches.  Our choir is available for hire to lend support to your special day.

Below are some FAQs:

Can we get married in this church?

Each Church of England church has a sort of ‘catchment area’, called a parish. The normal requirement to get married in the church is that one, or both, of you lives within the parish. 

In Morley, the four Church of England churches form a Team Ministry. This means that as long as you live within the boundaries of the Team Ministry area (which covers most of Morley, Churwell and Bruntcliffe), you can get married in any of the four churches. If you are not sure whether your home falls within this area, contact us here

But I live outside the parish - is that a problem ?

If you live outside the parish and have no qualifying connection, you can still be married here at St Peter's if you join our church's electoral roll. This means that you need to come to a service at St Peter's at least once a month for six months. We can agree a date for your wedding in the meantime.

Booking a long way ahead?

We recognise that reception venues book up quickly and this means that weddings sometimes need to be planned a long way in advance. We are very happy to reserve your wedding date and time for you, but do bear in mind that the church is more than a wedding venue. Churches are primarily places of worship and are run as charities, rather than businesses. 

Naturally, we do all that we can to make sure your wedding day is a wonderful celebration. 

What now?

If at least one of you lives in the Morley Team Ministry area and you would like to book your wedding at St Peter’s or All Saints’, or require further information, then simply contact us here  and request the Preliminary Application for Marriage Service form, Once you return it to us along with your deposit,  we will check the date and time. Assuming the date is free we will book your wedding in and write to you to confirm the details.  Nearer the time of the wedding we’ll get back in touch to start making more detailed arrangements.

In late winter/early spring each year we run a marriage preparation session as a Team Ministry, which we find is helpful to everyone planning to get married in church.  



Funerals are also immensely important opportunities to give thanks to God for the gift of a loved person and to seek God’s help in the difficult days ahead.